• Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

    Title: Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

    Author: Suzanne Collins

    Read In: 2023


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    Favorite Quotes:


    Gregor could tell that she and Henry had been “we” for so long that even months after his death she had trouble thinking of herself apart from him.

    Well, she might be a wreck, but Nerissa was not afraid to look things in the eye.

    She got time all mixed up. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, later, before—all pretty much meant anytime that wasn’t right now.

    “Why’d they drive you out? The other rats. I mean, they’re so into smell, seems like you’d be famous,” said Gregor.

    “I was, in a way, for some time. Then they realized I could smell their secrets, and no one wanted me around,” said Twitchtip. “I can smell yours, too.”

    Gregor picked up one of the fish and ripped off a strip of skin with his teeth Then he took a bite of the cold meat. Howard had always cleaned the fish with a knife, cutting neat pieces away from the bones. Gregor didn’t have a knife or even a sword now. And what did it matter, anyway? Still, hunched over his fish on the stone ledge, he felt like he was in a time warp. He’d become a Neanderthal man or something, tearing into raw flesh, just trying to get the life-sustaining calories into his body. That must have been a hard life. Of course, his own wasn’t exactly a picnic.

    He thought longingly of rich, fatty foods. Mrs. Cormaci’s lasagna, loaded with cheese and sauce and noodles. Chocolate cake with thick frosting. Mashed potatoes and gravy. He ripped off a stubborn piece of fish with a grunt. It didn’t take long, he thought, to erase hundreds of thousands of years of change if you were hungry.