• Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

    Title: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

    Author: Denise Duffield-Thomas

    Read In: 2023


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    The Money Manifesting Formula recap:
    – Step 1: Declutter everything in your life.
    – Step 2: Decide exactly what you want.
    – Step 3: Surround your life with positivity.
    – Step 4: Take inspired action.
    – Step 5: Receive and fine-tune.

    The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know where his last dollar went.

    Track everything that comes into your life: every single cent and every bit of value. Tracking shows the Universe that you’re paying attention to the abundance already in your life, and you’ll start to attract more.

    See the positive side of bad luck, and don’t dwell on bad situations. (For me, this means becoming a “reverse paranoid,” and assuming that everything that happens is ultimately for my highest good—even if it looks bad on the outside.)