Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Title: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Author: Judy Blume

Read In: 2023


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Favorite Quotes:


“Only five bucks a cutting and he trims too.”

“No, thanks,” my father said. “I’m looking forward to cutting it myself. That’s one of the reasons we moved out here. Gardening is good for the soul.” My mother beamed. They were really driving me crazy with all that good-for-the-soul business. I wondered when they became such nature lovers!

My parents don’t know I actually talk to God. I mean, if I told them they’d think I was some kind of religious fanatic or something. So I keep it very private. I can talk to him without moving my lips if I have to. My mother says God is a nice idea. He belongs to everybody.

That’s another thing. My mother’s always talking about when I’m a teenager. Stand up straight, Margaret! Good posture now makes for a good figure later. Wash your face with soap, Margaret! Then you won’t get pimples when you’re a teenager. If you ask me, being a teenager is pretty rotten—between pimples and worrying about how you smell!

I love that fountain in the middle of Lincoln Center. I love it more than the concerts themselves. And I love to watch the people walk by. Once I saw a model having her picture taken by the fountain. It was freezing cold and she was wearing a summer dress. That’s when I decided not to be a model. Even if I did get beautiful some day.

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. I’ve been to church. I didn’t feel anything special in there God. Even though I wanted to. I’m sure it has nothing to do with you. Next time I’ll try harder.

I’ve been looking for you God. I looked in temple. I looked in church. And today, I looked for you when I wanted to confess. But you weren’t there. I didn’t feel you at all. Not the way I do when I talk to you at night. Why God? Why do I only feel you when I’m alone?

As long as she loves me and I love her, what difference does religion make?