What I’m Doing Now

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*last updated: April 2, 2022, in southern Nevada*



My ultimate focus this year is writing. No more bullshitting around. I’ve stopped blogging, which was a multiple year struggle, and now I’m focused solely on writing my newsletter and finishing my book.



I’m writing a coming-of-age memoir, which I began in spring 2021 and am just now starting to pick it back up in full force. I’m writing it in vignette style, kind of like flash fiction for non-fiction, and it’s organized by theme. Currently have a really good habit going where I walk to the library every evening, completely tech-free, and stay until I’ve written one vignette piece for whichever theme I’m interested in working on. One a day seems to be my limit, as pulling up old memories and shaping my life into a readable narrative is a taxing endeavor.


The desert

It’s been a long physical and emotional journey during my adult life, wandering, moving, trying to figure out where I belong. I finally know that I feel happiest in the desert where it’s warm and dry. There’s a palpable difference in my health. I’ve been a bit too much in scholar mode, so I haven’t been very active lately, but I’m starting to go on walks again and looking at getting a membership at a rock climbing gym again (haven’t climbed since early 2020). Every day I sit in the sun while reading or writing, and I have a small plot of dirt in my backyard that I can begin experimenting with my newfound obsession with gardening. Starting to feel more social, less inward with my energy, and I’m excited to start making friends again and doing stuff around town and in Vegas.


The good, the bad, and the ugly

I’m currently living with my parents again (which is definitely not how I pictured my life at 26 years old) and working part-time as a private driver for a family. Good, because I’m grateful to have loving parents, free rent, a backyard swimming pool, and an easy well-paying job I enjoy (I actively love driving, and even daydream about buying a motorcycle and doing the rent-a-racecar in Vegas). Bad and ugly, because I’m not yet living the vision I have for my life, and that is always a bit uncomfortable. But I’m a patient motherfucker, and I’m willing to hold energy and space for the vision as long as it takes.