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february 2024 recap

It’s time for another monthly recap! Take a look at previous recaps here.

Hi readers!


I really enjoyed February. It was a really productive month, and I feel like I became closer to the version of myself I want to be. Like, lots of new things going on so I was kind of slow and behind in some areas (I’m very sorry to the friends I haven’t texted back in weeks!), but I added lots of good things to my life and I’m stoked to see them grow and develop as I give more time to them.

One of my big projects this month was decluttering. I am constantly amazed at how well I can tetris my possessions to make it look like I don’t own that much. Ready to let go of old versions of myself, things from my past that I held onto for way too long, and really get into the energy of actually moving out of my parents house this year plz God.



Interestingly, this declutter project really messed with my ability to write. I felt pretty creatively stifled and suffocated in the midst of this messy overhaul. I only wrote five days this month, which was pretty depressing (still journaled nearly every day though, woo!). But I’m almost to the end of getting rid of stuff and having a messy room, so I think the writing energy will be much better in March.

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My reading has temporarily slowed because I’m switching from ebooks to physical books. I’ve had some eye issues stemming from prolonged screen time (and I’m already half blind in one eye so I’m terrified thanks), so I’m switching as much as I can from digital to analogue. I’ve been a big ebook reader since 2018 (I checked them out free from the library using the Libby app, which is an amazing resource!) so I kind of need to re-learn how to be around physical books, as sad as that sounds. Walking to the library, packing books with me when I leave the house. It’s not as convenient, but it feels so much better to be interacting with the physical realm in this way. <3


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running—Haruki Murakami

This is sort a memoir based on his running journals, as he is a marathon runner when he’s not busy being a prolific author. I really like the comparisons he made between running and writing.


Day—Michael Cunningham

Interesting slow literary novel that covers the lives of a family on three different days in their lives, all on April 5, in 2019, 2020, and 2021. It was kind of too zoomed in for comfort, where you don’t really see much happen as far as plot, but you also don’t see much happen in character growth. Ironically I read this entire book in one day.


How To Keep House While Drowning—KC Davis

Absolutely wonderful book. Basically a housecleaning book written for people with autism, ADHD, depression, and/or grief. People whose brains don’t function quite normally and need workarounds to keep their lives functioning. My biggest takeaway is that you aren’t there to serve your house, your house is there to serve you.



Some of you may remember that I deleted my spotify account last year. Since then it’s been really cool to see what music has emerged, not having a way to pin songs down anymore or a clear way to discover new music. I thought I would use this recap as a new way to archive the songs I’m obsessing over.


“No Poetry” (live)—Jasmine Thompson

The way her voice breaks on the word “grief” at 2:40.


“Ain’t Nobody” (acoustic cover of Chaka Khan)—Jasmine Thompson

I wanted to sing Chaka Khan at karaoke but didn’t get the chance. :'( This is such a different vibe from the original, but a perfect rendition.


“Grinnin’ In Your Face” (live cover of Son House)—The Vespers

The high harmony and the drums at the end UGH.


“First Time”—Hozier

My GOD the lyrics. This is the kind of song you can get lost in and listen to a hundred times on repeat without noticing (speaking from experience). 



Lost: finished season 5 and just started the final season. I watched up to the middle of season 5 back in high school, so I’m extremely curious to find out how the show ends (I was told season 6 sucks so we’ll see).


One Piece: episode 262/1,094. Water 7 arc. Gave me an idea for a plot point in my pirate novel.



— Snowboarded with Ethan again and got really good at stopping (my favorite part) and went on the big hill with all the jumps and didn’t even cry hahaha. (I’m scared of going fast and Ethan keeps telling me “but that’s the point ?” lol 😭) (Snowboarding has been a really fun experience but I just need to take it slooow.)

— Also got an over the counter asthma inhaler and actually got to breathe normally while snowboarding ???? (Excited to huff some of that while hiking later this year.)

— Journaled on the front porch in the sun.

— Met my friend’s six week old son right before they moved away :'( and climbed together while he just chilled in his little carrier and watched us, so freaking cute.

— Karaoke night with me and Ethan’s friends and his coworkers.

— Set a goal to climb two V6’s this month and I got three!! (Two of them were more like V4’s but I’m still counting it.)



— Made homemade gyoza with Ethan.

— Korean bbq with Ethan.

— Hi chews, chocolate, and dried Raman snacks at a little Japanese shop.

— Homemade chex mix from my mom.

— Randomly got addicted to hot chocolate after hating it for most of my adulthood.

— Valentine’s candy from my mom (she made sure it had exactly equal amounts of each specific thing for me and Ethan to share, so cute).

— Ethan made me miso soup while I was still in bed <3 new fave hangover cure lol (re: karaoke night).

— Italian restaurant with Ethan and his dad, and I got this shrimp scampi but it was these massive plate-sized shrimp and everything was cooked inside the shells and Ethan had to help me cut it all out because my knife skills are lacking but it was delicious. On a bed of savory swiss chard and paired with a crisp glass of pinot grigio. 💅



I started a “write with me” series on YouTube. This is to help share my practice of just writing for fifteen minutes and not getting so overwhelmed that you never start or take action. Tiny steps building up into a beautiful creative practice.

Here is my most recent video. A little coffee-making intro and rainy vibes.

I’m really enjoying being on YouTube and have set a goal to just improve one small thing with each new video. Excited to see how my channel evolves this year. ☻


Thanks for reading!