Email Coaching

I am offering coaching in the form of an email, for creative intuitive individuals. Sort of a written pep talk/mentorship/big sister love from me to you.

After booking, you will receive a 1,000 word email on the topic of your choosing, as well as two additional email responses if you need clarity on what I wrote to you.

Here are the topics I can help you with:

– Spirituality/religion: if you need guidance on working through religious deconstruction or cultivating your own spiritual practice or relationship with God.

– Creativity/writing: if you’re feeling stuck in your creative life, if you’ve been procrastinating on writing your book, if you need gentle guidance to get back on the page.

– Manifestation: if you would to learn the manifestation practice I use, which involves journaling, understanding your desires, learning how to deal with resistance, a simple meditation practice, and lots of self-trust.

– Other: if you need to talk through love, friendships, big changes in your life, healing, forgiveness, or anything else that you’re being led to work through — I’m here for you.

Cost = $45

Click here to book a coaching session.


How are the sessions set up?
Click on the link above to choose the date you wish to receive your email from me. There will be a questionnaire to fill out before paying. Use the box allotted for your question to give me as much detail as you want about what you would like insight on. Then on the date you choose on Calendly, you will receive a 1,000 word personalized nurturing email sesh from me for you to soak in and process.


How do I pay you?
There is a Stripe integration on the Calendly booking page where you can enter your credit/debt card details. Payment is due upon booking.


When will I receive my email?
You will receive your email from me on the date that you selected on the Calendly booking page.


What are the two additional emails for?
These are email responses you can use once you receive your initial 1,000 word email from me. Firstly, I implore you to sit with the insights from the original email first before emailing back with questions. Part of the intention I have with this coaching is that you learn to trust your own intuition and processing before asking for help from others. Secondly, know that these responses will be a lot shorter than the original email (but still full of love!), and you can expect them 3-5 business days after you reply.


How can I use my two email responses?
Please reply to my original email, so I know who you are and can keep the conversation in flow.


Can I get a refund?
You can get a full refund, no questions asked, if you cancel within 24 hours after booking. After 24 hours, no refund will be issued.


How can I contact you outside of my coaching session?
Email me at