• Poetry

    untitled poem 04

    Animal body. Computer brain.
    And what of the heart, the soul,
    the spirit? They must be guides
    given to us from God. To give
    depth to our animal bodies and
    conscience to our computer
    brains. Three different parts.
    Strange combination. Beautiful

  • Poetry

    untitled poem 01

    We sat on the beach and
    drank the sea. Foamy
    tops spilling over salt
    rimmed glasses. Our skin
    sparkled and softened in
    the golden light. Drunk
    on the waves, baked by
    the sun.

  • Poetry


    Ancient earth
    Ancient dirt
    Layers of death pressed into life

    A thousand and one
    Cycles of evolutions
    To create this compression

    I feel the whisper
    Of life buried and overturned
    And spread out across surfaces

    How can you think you know me?
    I am a cycle of evolutions too
    I am made up of a million and one
    Deaths pressed into life

    I am not me
    You are not you
    We are made of each other
    And of the ground we’ll return to