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February 13, 2023Cerebral and emotional

February 6, 2023Every day is the best of the year

January 29, 2023Moving, fast and slow

January 22, 2023Empty out the drafts

January 16, 2023Be the train

January 9, 2023 – Always at the beginning

January 2, 2023 – Welcoming the passage of time

December 11, 2022Quiet communication

December 4, 2022Failing is required

November 28, 2022All you can eat
Slowing with the season, keeping writing projects to myself, eating lots of new foods but craving rice, lack of focus at the climbing gym, reading 50 books, and learning how to spell.

November 20, 2022Slow down to speed up
Quitting fiction writing to focus on essays, learning how to ropes climb + belay, learning the importance of communication with a partner, starting a new job at my climbing gym, reading manga, reading paper, and waiting for a phone call.

November 13, 2022New life
Skipped a week to hibernate, still no book but I’m okay with that, my bouldering team placed 2nd, I got 3rd individually + hit my first V6’s, slowing down to improve my climbing without competition heat, started dating my crush (!!!), journaling is lowkey magic, put in 5 weeks notice at my job, and clearing my energy to call in my writing dreams. 

November 1, 2022No bad vibes
Did not publish book, also Halloween was lame, always listen to your complaints, currently in 5th place in the bouldering league comp, I love nice people, got some spooky classics from the library, watching Death Note anime, NaNoWriMo has begun, and writing is getting easier every day!

October 23, 2022Princesses are strong
Rock climbing fan club, my first V5, finally facing my book publishing fears, changed publication date, who knows if I’ll be done in time, watching anime, princesses shooting arrows, and 69 is a great number.

October 16, 2022Flailing and on fire
Siblings in town, half-assing vs whole-assing, Valley of Fire, rage over vandalism, self-love leading to better rock climbing, and mild panic over possibly not finishing my book in time.

October 9, 2022Cosmic nonsense
Petty frustrations, good book recommendations, facing my weaknesses on the bouldering wall, tired of writing my book, and hiding from Mormons.

October 2, 2022Waves of energy
Being self-indulgent in my writing, whack ass nature, joining a bouldering league team with professional chefs, ditching the library, and feeling more alive while writing my book due to running out of time.

September 25, 2022Looking for comfort in the fall
This is a difficult week.

September 18, 2022I’m publishing my first book!
I’m very excited to announce that I’m publishing my first book on October 30th of this year!

August 26, 2022Haunted home
I’m trying a different format for my newsletters where instead of posting the full piece within the email, I’ll include a link to read it on my website and then have some other stuff to read in my newsletter.

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