Hi, I’m Ally.

It’s hard to know what to say “about” myself in a succinct manner, which perhaps is partially the reason behind why I’m currently writing a coming-of-age memoir, to tell the story of how I got here.

In the meantime, here are some descriptive buzzwords about me:

Writer. Volunteer proofreader. Desert dweller. Rock climber. Dirt digger. Indulger of black coffee, dark chocolate, and, occasionally, cigarettes and romance novels.


Reading Lists

I’m in a passionate love affair with books, and since 2017 I’ve kept track of every book I’ve read + my favorite quotes. The individual book pages are under serious construction – it’s one of my main projects right now – but you can still scroll through the different years to see what I read.


What I’m Doing Now

A frequently updated page of what I’m currently up to. The closest thing you’ll get to social media from me.