Hi! My name is Ally and I’m usually somewhere on the West Coast of America. This is my way of saying either “I don’t like where I’m living because it’s not very trendy so I do not which to disclose my location” or “if I share my location it’ll make me sound like I’m stuck in one place and will kill my hipster boho nomad wander travel vibe”.

The picture to the left is my fall 2016 student ID photo from bible college. I had dreadlocks and a broken collarbone and a button up I found in the community laundry room—and this is the most iconic I will ever be.

One time I ran through a yard full of dog poop without looking and I didn’t step in any of it, so my sister told me I’d have to title my eventual autobiography “I’m So Pro I Didn’t Step In It”. Unfortunately, I’ve stepped in too many other things in life to justify using that title.

For whatever unfortunate reason you ended up on this website, you might as well stay and become my biggest fan. I love you.