Ally Brennan

(Soon to Be) Published Author

I am publishing my first book on October 30, 2022!

Essay Writer

I write essays on meditation, the mind, autism, the desert, slow living, travel, minimalism, writing. Every topic has a personal depth to it, an honest look into the bones of my own life.

Newsletter Sender

My newsletter includes post updates, books I’m reading, book writing updates, diy website tinkering, travel vibes, and the occasional selfie. Also, by far the best way to get in touch with me is to reply directly to my newsletters.

Voracious Reader

My book pages are pretty much the digital version of what I want my own bookstore to look like. Curated only with books I’ve read and loved. I read about 100 books a year, but I’m intentionally slowing that down these days to be able to soak in the words and enjoy the books longer.

Coffee Drinker

If my writing has encouraged or entertained you, consider buying me a coffee as a way to support my work. (In any case, you already have my deepest gratitude for simply reading what I post on this website. ♥)

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